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Teapot ERROR!

Some guys just come up with this error. Maybe nonsense. One Mocha-Latte please! Sipping wirelessly.

President P-Noy's Action Group!

Haha! They made one! With a brilliant acronym!

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Top 57 Comedy Ads

Nice pics, Nice Advertising. I hope this ones shows up in a billboard in EDSA

Cereal Bomb!

So you wake up one morning. You went to the CR and finally into the kitchen. You grabbed a box of cereal and that cold milk on the fridge. And you say: "Ow, f*ck!" 

Ever wonder what's under the bowl of that cereal?

Cereal helped americans won the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Not the Serial Killer. Idiot.

December 7, 1941, early morning, when Japanese forces bombarded Pearl Harbor on Hawaii. Those american troops woke up from that alarm clock. Some others woke up on heaven, sadly.
The japanese made use all of their air force to shake that island up. USA responded to the request of Japan. 

Since US troops were outnumbered, the government chose not to payback immediately. In the course of 4 years, volunteers across USA went to Military settlements to enlist for the "great war" against Japan.

Where's the cereal?

Oh yeah, you are looking for the cereal. Uhm, you remember Quaker Oats? That's the one. 
Physicists and Chemists figured out that cereal have a high explosive power. Explosive power? 

Get a funnel with a hose attached to the narrow tube. Hose would be about 12-20 inches long. Stand two feet from a gas burner. Then blow the oats from the end of the hose. The funnel must be in line with the burner. Watch and see ze flame!

Any cereal, rich in carbohydrates, when finely divided (e.g. corn starch) and suspended in air (like a cloud of dust) is highly combustible and many flour mills have suffered serious damage as a result of stray sparks.

Quaker Oats company went from commercial-making oats to military-bomb-maker. All workers of Quaker company and some troops from the military joined forces to fill a mortar container with Quaker Oats! 

Then the rest of the story will be the victory of USA versus Japan.

See how that boy said "Ow, F*ck!" in the start of this entry.

Naw yu Know!

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Topic from Discovery Channel's "how stuff works" Discover Channel (c)

100th Island of Hundred Islands

Technically, not the 100th.

This vacation, we went to our province in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. And yes, it is home to the National Park of the Philippines: Hundred Islands National Park. 

By the numbers, it is composed of 124 islands during low tide and 123 if on high tide.

Since we are just a local and we cannot call ourselves completely tourists, we only explored one island which is Quezon Island.

Departing Lucap Wharf

Arriving at Lucap Wharf from Brgy. Alos, Alaminos City (near Alaminos-Mabini Boundary) at exactly 10:30 am, we board a chartered "large banca" with a maximum capacity of 15 passengers plus 2 crew and load. Total fee for the private banca for back-and-forth travel is 2,500 pesos. 

En route to Quezon Island.

We chose to be privatized, so we are offered three choices of route  going to the island. First choice is the "Normal Route". This route is the most common used when going to one of the three developed islands. This route will give you roughly 3/4 sighting of all the islands. From Lucap wharf, you will be entering a inverted "c" shape route thru quezon Isalnd which will traverse thru most of the islands. It is best for value.

Second is the "Circle route". Simply, you will be toured practically all of the islands. We didn't choose this. We are scared of high waves that time.

Then finally the "direct route". From Lucap Wharf, Quezon island is just dead straight ahead. Unlike the usual 20 minutes if going there thru "Normal Route", we arrived at Quezon Is. for about 12 minutes thru the direct route. Cutting off travel time drastically for nearly half. But is is not recommended for first timers because en-route you will only see 3-10 islands and then a "circle-to dock" method to quezon Is. port.

Arriving Quezon Is.. Straight-ahead from Lucap. Quezon Is. is at 11  oclock from the tip of the banca. The one with a red roof.

Past vs Present

Way back when we last visited Hundred Is. in 2007, there's not too much to do on Quezon aside from swimming and eating on the cottages. Today, I was surprised when I compared the one in the past and the one I recently visited. There are Kayak boat rentals, parasailing, glass bottom boats to see the giant clams below and near Quezon Is., there is the new zipline adventure.

We can take all of this adventure Hundred Islands can give us if my Mom would let us. Sadly, it's a big NO.

On the kayak. Me on the violet with the shades on.

If there are many attractions, there are a lot of tourists going there. I remembered last 2007, eating at the beachfront is strictly imposed. Also the littering around cottages were prohibited. But this time, it's different. There are piles of waste on every corner of the cottages area. Despite the presence of Garbage bins, trashes are at the side of it. 

Useless bins.

On the way back

Yeah, I know you are excited to see the 100th island. I was excited to see that there too. Unfortunately, I can't show you the pic of the 100th island. Simply because it's too far.

But I've managed to snap the 124th island, the last island during low tide. At first I thought is was a shoal or an island with sands on it and a lagoon inside. But I was wrong when the driver of the banca ( I was told to call him driver instead of sailor or something, because he's steering on car wheels. Not boat wheel! ) told us that there is the last island.

The small bump near the center. Yes, that's it. The 124th island.

You only see this thing during low tide. Others don't see it because it's high tide or low tide but not this low. You only see the extreme tip when regular low tides. We are lucky this time. We've got  low-low tide!

Arriving at the Dock.

After a total of 16 minutes traveling going to the docks. We are on earth AGAIN. It was a lengthly trip because of "bow waves", waves that are coming towards the front of the banca. And also the wind. 

Arriving at the private dock. Steering thru 10 meter-high bamboo stick

After arriving Mom was headed to buy souvenirs. We are towards buying that can benefit our stomach. Ice Scramble and Kwek Kwek

And we love it! 

And that's it for the Hundred Islands adventure and the 124th island.

I realized, "why I included my whole trip when my title is only for the 124th island?"

Anyways, I hope you like it.


>Bring SUN BLOCK! And don't forget to USE it!
>Bring WATER
>also ICE BLOCK. We want ice cold drinks. Ice is available at the city proper. So buy one there before you go ahead. 50 pesos for 1/2 block.


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Fly with your House! - "Up" recreated in real life!

    A two-men team from National Geographic Channel just recreated one of the most awesome and unbelievable films from Disney, "Up".

Up up and away: The house that made us "ahhh"

         Those guys just removed the "un" in the unbelievable as the guys hooked up 300 8' balloons at a 16 x 16 house. This event is a feature of the show "How hard can it be" from National Geographic Channel starting Fall 2011.


Not only this is for the show, but it also set a record for the largest balloon cluster ever atempted. The entire experimental "housecraft" was over 10 stories high and reached an altitude of 10,000 feet and flew approximately one hour.

Credits: National Geo Channel and mymodernmet.com

-posted in Manila

Search and you shall find!

I was bored. So I searched almost everything on the web. From "asdfghjkl" to weird names and that, I came up searching these stuffs. Maybe It's funny though.

Have a look:

1. Electro Recycling: Potty train your e-waste

2. Adidas: Impossible is nothing
3. McDonald Joker
4. Powerhouse Gym Building Outdoor Ad
5. Jumbo Peanut
6. EDF Orangutan
7. Dove Simpson: Anti Frizz Cream
8. DHL: Trojan
9. Braun Series: Bring out the human in men
10. Braun Series 1
11. Bad Food Bad Dog
12. Joy of Pepsi
13.McDonald’s Vs Burger King
14. McDonald’s Christmas French Fries
15. Real hiphop
16. Jobsintown.de: Life is too short for the wrong  job
17. Monster.com: Caught on a wrong job?
18. Clorets: Bad breath
19. Condom ad: Don’t be stupid
20. Denver Save Water
21.  Halls: Breathe
22. Heinz-Thick Ketchup
Heinz-Thick Ketchup32
23. Hot Sauce-Hole Through T-Shirt Ad
Hot Sauce-Hole Through T-Shirt Ad

26. 8in1 Dental Snacks: Bad Dog Breath
27. Findus Fraich’Frites: Granny’s fries without the Granny
28. Hyundai Coupe. 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 se
29. Olympus Optical zoom
30. Dog Toast: You eat what you touch.
31. Pure Yoga: Yoga Classes Now On
32. Sunkist: Chinese Orange
33. Animal Planet: Wildlife
34. Noodle Slurper Mondo Pasta: Boat
35. Nike: Just Do It
36. Silk Soft Tissue Paper
37.Penline Art Supply, Office Stationary
38. Mountain Riders: Its time for a spring cleaning
39. RSPCA: Show Us Some Love. We will return the favor
40. Stockholms hundforum
41. Softlan Ultra: Wrestling
42. Sheetz: Finally a fry good enough forsheetz-french-fries-funny-ad42
43. Ripolin: Yours walls deserve a paint which will age well
44. Repella: Change the way insects see you
45. Queer Travel . de: The other side of Amercia
46. Kiss FM 97.7: iPod…I’m your father
47. Pepsi: French Kiss and Lifeguard
48. Minery Foot Care: Baby
49. Fiat: Boxes: Thinking of changing your van? New Fiat Ducato.
50. Sedex Express Courier: Trust us we deliver it fast
51. Coca Cola Light
52.  Career Builder.com: May be its time to move on
53. Buenos Aires Zoo: The kangaroos have arrived
54. Tesa: The world needs a tape like this
55. Arena: Water Instinct
56. Utopolis Group of Cinemas: Reality Sucks
57. Dean’s finest old Scotch Whisky: Surprisingly mild

See, searching with effort do end up with great results.

We really owe Google for these.

Credits: http://www.adglitz.com/category/uncategorized/
Thanks google!

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